Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Betty G Miller - the Mother of De'VIA exhibits at NTID

Betty G. Miller is known as the Mother of De'VIA (art about the Deaf experience). NTID @ RIT is hosting a Retrospective of her work in the Dyer Arts Center. The exhibit features over 35 pieces of Betty's work spanning 30 years and covering a vareity of mediums and subject matter. The show also exhibits 10 works by Betty's Deaf father, Ralph Miller. While Betty followed in her father's footsteps with her interest in the visual arts, it was Betty who inspired her father to explore creating art about the Deaf experience.

Betty has been instrumental in fostering literary and artistic expressions of the Deaf experience via her own creations, her involvement in Spectrum, a Deaf artists colony in Austin, Texas in the late 1970s, the De'VIA weeklong workshop and manifesto in 1989, and as a teacher at Gallaudet University and more.

There is no one quite like Betty and there is no artwork quite like hers either - she and they are one-of-a-kind. We are thrilled that the Dyer Arts center is hosting this exhibit (open until November 12). NTID Fall Deaf Cinema Students took video at the Betty G. Miller exhibit at NTID and then produced short docs.

Several technical problems surfaced with the cameras (with limited video function) and editing software used but its a good start - especially considering none of the students are film majors.

for more on Betty G Miller and to see more of her work - go to: and